Who is the audience and how big?

Business professionals and recruitment professionals. Our network is growing everyday with each conversation and we expect thousands of listeners after being fully live with episodes.

What is the podcast style and what topics will we discuss?

This is an interview based podcast and the podcast format tab outlines typical questions asked. That said, some questions will be asked related to what you share and appear to be interested in discussing during the interview. The aim is to ask meaningful and thoughtful questions so you can share your unique stories, insights, and perspectives with the audience.

Where is your podcast distributed?

Spotify, YouTube, LinkedIn, and other podcast streaming platforms.

When will my episode air?

You will be informed at least 2 weeks before your episode airs.

Why me?

We proactively seek people with interesting backgrounds. We were either recommended to invite you or have decided to as a team.

How much does it cost to participate?

No cost.

How do you make money?

We are supported through corporate sponsors and partnerships. If your organization would like more information to participate, send a note entitled "Sponsorship Inquiry" to recruitmentpodcast@gmail.com.

I know some potential sponsors who could be interested. How can I help?

Please let our team know and we would be glad to have a discussion.

What is your vision?

Speak to 365 professionals a year and hear their stories for fresh insights, inspirations, and ideas.

What is your mission?

Make visible the increasing diversity of paths, experiences, and specializations in this career.

How can I be more involved?

We always appreciate creative ideas. Please share how you could envision helping the cause and we can explore something strong. It always helps to refer someone who has great stories to share.